GRAMIN & Livelihood
OFFICE ADDRESS Village. Galia,
P.O. Chariali-784176
P.S. Chariali
Dist. Sonitpur (ASSAM)


Gramin And Livelihood

The principal aim of GRAMIN is to act as a promoting agency for organizing the rural people of the district and motivating them to take-up income generating schemes either of their own or by participating in the process of development through availing the benefits of schemes of sponsored by Central govt., State Govt., or any other organization or institution.

GRAMIN has been promoting the weaker sections of the society to undertake different income generating projects as a means of livelihood. Innumerable SHGs have been formed keeping this in mind. The SHGs are then trained, counselled and linked to Banks for finance. Many poverty striken families have enlightened their lives with guidance from GRAMIN.

Different means of livelihood counselled and undertaken are listed below:

  1. Floriculture – SIRD (State Institute of Rural Development)
  2. Food Processing – SIRD (State Institute of Rural Development)
  3. Mushroom Cultivation – SIRD & Biswanath College of Agriculture (BNCA)
  4. Seasonal Crops – BiswanathCollege of Agriculture (BNCA)
  5. Farm Machinery – Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute Chariali.
  6. Duckery – SIRD And DRDA
  7. Piggery – SIRD And DRDA
  8. Poultry - SIRD And DRDA

Different projects such as Lac Samriddhi and Krishi Samriddhi have proved to be successfull bread-earners of the society.

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Other Projects

Krishi Samriddhi - For Cultivators

Assam is predominantly an agricultural state. Over 90% of its population live in rural areas and are dependent on agriculture and this sector contributes more than 43% to the Net State Domestic Product. The geographical location, physiographic, climatic features, ethnic diversity, socio-cultural sphere are some of the peculiar features of the people of the state. By and large, crop production and animal husbandry have been way of the life rather than any commercial enterprises. The progress made in agricultural sector during the last five decades is comparatively less in Assam as compared to others stats. This is ascribed mainly to natural phenomenon, infrastructural deficiencies, inadequate input supply and extension support. Agriculture has been practiced in most traditional way.

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