OFFICE ADDRESS Village. Galia,
P.O. Chariali-784176
P.S. Chariali
Dist. Sonitpur (ASSAM)


Gramin Members

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GRAMIN is one of the foremost NGOs of Assam. TO KNOW HOW GRAMIN has come to exist, we shall have to go a few years back. All the core members of this organization were active members of Assam Science Society, Biswanath Chariali Branch, and as such all of them were devoted to the work of popularization and proliferation of science among common people. In 1986, we took part in the Gyan Vigyan Jatha, the biggest saga of popularization of Science in the country. During the Jatha we realized that if we want to popularize and spread science among people, first and foremost duty is to impart literacy to them. Then came the literary campaign in our district under the guidance of Gyan Vigyan Samittee, Assam. The Sonitpur district was taken for ‘total literacy campaign’ (TLC) which later on came to be known as Zila Saksharata Samittee (ZSS). Our founder Chairman, Sri Nabajyoti Sarma Boruah became the General Secretary and had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the district.

Current Executive Body

Please Note:
All communications are to be made within working hours:
10 AM to 5 PM (Monday to Friday)
10 AM to 1 PM (Saturday)

Mr. Satyendra Boruah, Phone:  09401290522
Mr. Mohendra Bhuyan, Phone:  07896235509

Mr. Nabajyoti Sarma Boruah, Phone:  9435183055

Executive Members

Mr. Maniram Borah, Phone:  09401290522
Mr. Ramajee Mala, Phone:  09859813088
Mrs. Rinti Das, Phone:  09435535951
Mrs. Geeta Boro, Phone:  07662838345
Mrs. Mamoni Kalita, Phone:  09435535744
Mrs. Dipali Das, Phone:  03715222022
Mr. Sarat Hazarika, Phone:  N/A
Mrs. Pona Gojirel, Phone:  09954983801