Completed Projects
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Completed Projects

GRAMIN is one of leading NGOs of Assam has successfully completed a number of projects. Many were them were self funded and a few of them were done with external financial assistance.

In this page we have tried to highlight a few projects and activities that we have successfully completed so far.

  1. Formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs)

    From the firsthand experience gathered we have seen that where there is poverty there is illiteracy. Poverty and illiteracy are the two sides of the same coin. We have felt that to fight this social menace we must adopt a method where poverty elevation programme and literacy will go parallel. At that time Sjt. B.R. Samal, IAS was the SDO(Civil) of Biswanath Sub-Division. He was a visionary as well a pro-poor officer with a tremendous lust for knowledge. He had brought forward the concept of self-help group (SHG) already tested successfully by Dr. Md. Yunus in Bangladesh and within our country, as for example, in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala etc. So we have decided to organize the rural people into SHGs in Biswanath Sub-Division which will serve as fundamental unit where economic activities and literacy will go simultaneously. The idea behind this was that the literacy zeal must come from within than an imposition and accordingly in his leadership hundreds of SHGs were formed in the Sub-Division with the combined effort of government officer and Zila Saksharata Samittee(ZSS).

    From only six women groups in 1995 we have made a great leap forward. In 1996 we formed ten groups, in 1997 seventeen groups and in 1998 twenty nine groups, and it started gradually growing and male counterparts were also encouraged to come under SHGs. 2nd July 1998 is a land mark in the developing history of GRAMIN. On this day CGM, NABARD, Guwahati Regional Office. Dr. S.C. Pathak, visited our SHGs and being satisfied with the activities of the SHGs formed advised us to expand our activities to a larger geographical area. He also advised us to submit a project proposal to NABARD for financial assistance. We were overwhelmed at the recognition and accordingly submitted our first project, titled "Awakening Ahalaya" which was approved by NABARD on 21st October, 2000. Since 1999 NABARD organized different seminars and workshops in collaboration with GRAMIN. This gave us a state level exposure. All these together helped us to broad-base our activities and expand our area of operation from four villages to two districts snowballing the number of SHGs formed. After the success of women groups we also formed male groups along with female groups. Today groups are formed by themselves and come to our office for registration.

  2. Awakening Ahalya

    Awakening Ahalya was designed keeping Rural Women in mind and to motivate them for self sustainance through formation of SHGs. Skill development trainings were organized in traditional trades.

    Awakening Ahalya was conducted in two phases. In phase-I we formed 755 SHGs and helped them open Bank Accounts in Biswanath Sub-Division.

    In Phase-II we created some 966 SHGs in Whole of Sonitpur and Lakhimpur districts and aided them by providing linkages to Banking sectors and organizing capacity building trainings and workshops.

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  3. Zhumoir Samriddhi

    GRAMIN from its inception is co-operating the govt. agencies in implementation of rural development programmes. It is member of many committees formed by Govt. for implementation and monitoring these programmes.

    "ZHUMOIR SAMRIDDHI" is such a project which envisaged forming SHGs with direct cooperation of Govt., in the tea estates and linking these SHGs with SGSY scheme so that an alternative livelihood is ensured to them. Implementation committee with SDO©, Biswanath Sub-division as chairman and GRAMIN Chairman as member secretary with inclusion of all relevant dignitaries/office bearers as members was also formed. But we could not complete the project. Only SHGs could be formed and accounts opened. We organized capacity building training for the SHGs but responses of the people were very lukewarm. The special life-style and packed time schedule of the people in tea estate is the reason behind this slow pace. However, once the formed groups can be linked with the SGSY scheme response of other people may be expected to be positive.

  4. Other Completed Activities

    1. GRAMIN Sanitation

      GRAMIN was offered a Sanitary Mart for construction of components of low-cost sanitary latrines in the district and assigned the responsibility of motivating the rural people for use of sanitary latrines and installation of low-cost sanitary latrines in the year 2003-04. Since then GRAMIN has been working for implementation of the programme in the district. In this year GRAMIN proved itself to be the best NGO in the district in the field of Water and Sanitation Mission Programme of the PHE dept., Sonitpur. We are offered to work in the entire district. In the year just concluded we installed about 1604 IHHL in 9 GPs of the district. We also organized several sanitation awareness programmes.

    2. Insurance Coverage

      Insurance coverage allows a person to expand their economic activity but unfortunately the rural poor who wants the insurance coverage most are deprived of this financial service. We therefore tied up with Birla Sun Life Insurance for the purpose and covered life of about 985 members under Bima Kabas scheme. As a member of CNRI we will also tie-up with LICI for covering BPL people under their schemes in the coming years. In the year just concluded GRAMIN offered insurance coverage to about Rs. 80,00,000.00 to 1603 families.

    3. Literacy Programmes

      Imparting literacy to our illiterate SHG members is mandatory to the group. GRAMIN has the strong conviction that illiteracy is the main root of rural poverty and all hardship. It gives birth to ignorance and that to exploitation. Hence to ameliorate the pathetic condition of the rural poor they must be given the minimum knowledge of the three R’s that is reading, writing and arithmetic’s. We offer reading-writing materials to the selected illiterate members of our SHGs and the SHG functionaries of their own or through our coordinators impart literacy to the illiterate. In this way we are from our inception have literate about 4500 plus illiterate. In the year 2007-08 we imparted literacy to 684 illiterates of which 549 are female and 135 male as shown below

      Literacy Programme 2008

    4. Health & Hygiene

      Social well being depends upon the physical and mental health of an individual. After 52 years of independence the villages in our country are still deprived of potable water. Several contagious diseases have been robbing of the health of the rural people year after year. GRAMIN has started campaign to make people conscious in this regard.

      Year 2007-08

      This year also as in previous years seven number of seminars were organized on clean drinking water, sanitation, contagious diseases, mother and child health, birth control and family welfare etc. to increase the consciousness of the members to understand different problems easily. Resource persons from the concerned field were invited to deliver lectures and discuss maters related to the topic with the people. Detailed report on the activities carried out is given below:

      Literacy Programme 2008

      Year 2014-15

      Last year we could not install any IHHL nor organize any such awareness programme. But this year we have arranged to be deeply involved in sanitation activities under ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ launched by the Prime Minister, India, Sjt Narendra Modi. We are already registered by EE, PHE, Biswanath Division and have started installing IHHL. We have decided to motivate the people to be vigilant towards water and sanitation aspects of good health

      Being a member of the Sub-Division Level Watson Committee under Sonitpur District Water & Sanitation Mission GRAMIN is to be involved in all the programmes organized and/or participate by the health and PHE department in the sub-division. We are selected by PHE, Biswanath Division for motivation and awareness building in ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. GRAMIN is also a member of the Sub-Division Civil Hospital Management Committee In addition to this we also organize general awareness programme on different topic of importance ourselves and in the last year requested our SHGs to organize such programmes of their own where resource persons from GRAMIN, if necessary, would be participated. In the last year we organized 8 nos. of general awareness programme on RCH, compulsory primary education, safe drinking water, small family norms and PRI etc

    5. Cultural Programmes

      Cultural devotion makes life beautiful. It brings perfection to life. GRAMIN has always given stress on the cultural development of common rural people. There are large number of able women who loss their cultural ability after marriages. GRAMIN has been trying to make the SHG a platform for the practice of cultural activities since its inception, and it has seen success in this area also. The members exhibit different cultural items like songs and dances according to their capacity in the meetings of their groups. It has created a flutter in the already static life of the village women. Exhibition of cultural programmes by the SHG members in the AGMs are a common feature. Our SHG members are also invited for exhibition of cultural programmes organized by village organizations. Our SHG members organized a cultural programme on the first day of the two-days AGM.

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